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      Industry Application
      ABOUT US
      We see ourselves of enthusiasts in composite innovation. PGTEX has been focusing on composite fabric for twenty years. For us, it’s not just a piece of fabric, but a passion and determination to develop the best fiber composite materials to the world. PGTEX offers you a tailor-make composite solution made of glass, carbon, aramid, UHMWPE, and hybrid fibers. In order to provide customers with better and quick service, PGTEX is expanding across the continents. In 2016, PGTEX set up a new plant in Texas, USA, thus starting its first step of globalization.

      PGTEX manufactures a wide range of products that can be found in various industries, wind power, automotive, marine, railway, sports and etc. The overall market for lightweight composite solution is growing, but the costs of composite parts are still higher than conventional solutions. PGTEX is proactively seeking and developing on new material with lower cost. We set our target to reduce the costs by increasing the efficiency. PGTEX is aiming to make their own efforts in the green planet by delivering low-cost and light-weight composite solution.
      China:+086 0519-83441318
      USA:+001 (915)307-4558
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